For example: Enter "a movies" to search Amazon for movies.

Try "f" to go to Facebook.

Do you get it yet?

Try "m" to go to Gmail.

Try "a" for Amazon.

Try "f john doe" to search for John Doe on facebook.

Try "gw" to check the weather.

Try "e ipod" to search Ebay for ipods.

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Service Listing and Prefixes

g - Google
f - Facebook (Must be logged in to search.)
m - Default Mail (See options for details.)
y - Youtube
h - Yahoo!
w - Wikipedia (or "k")
a - Amazon
b - Bing
e - eBay
n - Netflix
ne - Newegg
mw - Merriam-Webster (or "d")
gw - Google Weather
fl - I'm Feeling Lucky (Google)
tr - Tech Republic
wh - Wowhead
bn - Barnes & Noble

gm - Google mail
ym - Yahoo! mail (No search avaiable.)
hm - Hotmail (No search avaiable.)


Default Search Engine:

To save your settings, set as your homepage
after you have made your selection.

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